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Megan Henwood
01. Join The Dots
02. Fresh Water
03. The Dolly
04. Seventh
05. Apples
06. House On The Hill
07. Rainbows
08. Peace Be The Alien
09. Oh Brother
10. Used To Be So Kind
11. The Craftsman
12. L'Appel Du Vide

If ever an artist called on the elements in her songwriting, it's Megan Henwood. The distinguished English singer-songwriter is far too self-deprecating to describe herself as a force of nature, but her third album River reaffirms her unique ability to create roots music of beguiling purity from what's around her.

The most mature work yet of an artist renowned for her intoxicating blend of acoustic and electronic ingredients, River depicts Henwood's lifelong relationship with the rivers and seas that flow into her creativity. Its alt-folk essence is illuminated with shades of sophisticated jazz and low-key electronica, on a record of dark hues and discreet optimism.

The album, again produced by close collaborator Tom Excell, is the third in a bespoke series that began after Megan won the 2009 BBC Young Folk Award, aged just 20, with her brother Joe. Her debut Glastonbury Festival appearance duly followed the next year.


October 2017

Megan Henwood - River

Megan Henwood

CD (Cat No: 653323)

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Megan Henwood - River

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