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Luke Jackson
01. Fun Of It
02. More Than Boys
03. Flowers
04. Ain't No Trouble
05. Last Train / Blowin' In The Wind
06. Father's Footsteps
07. Kansas
08. Run & Hide
09. Finding Home
10. Is It Me?
11. Aunt Sally
12. Made of Stone
13. Answers Have Gone
14. Sister
15. The Road

What we've been waiting for a live album from Luke Jackson. Released on 9th February 2018 available to pre order now.

Luke Jackson organised a show in his hometown of Canterbury and decided he would record the whole thing and release these recording as a CD.

The night included a solo, duo & trio sets showing the different sounds and contrasts of Luke’s music and live performances.

He took tracks from all his previous albums breathing new life into old songs, others he has been performing every night for the last few years. It also includes a few tracks, that although may have been performed, never made it onto any records.

January 2018

Luke Jackson - Solo; Duo; Trio

Luke Jackson

CD (Cat No: 324556)

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Luke Jackson - Solo; Duo; Trio

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