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Dennis Ellsworth
01. Things I Want
02. Coke Machine Glow
03. Let It All Out
04. If I Find The Truth
05. Rudderless Day
06. Hazy Sunshine
07. Everythings Fine
08. Paradise
09. Harry Nilsson's Heart
10. Silver Tears
11. Happiness
12. Can't Turn to You

Fish Records are very pleased to be providing a UK outlet for Canadian singer / songwriter Dennis Ellsworth and his music. I have the privilege to see and meet him supporting John Smith on his current  tour (with whom he co wrote some tracks on John's album 'great Lakes') - a great performer and a very nice man. I strongly recommend you buy this album. This is a very polished album and shows a pedigree developed over a number of recordings. Stand out tracks include Coke Machine Glow, Rudderless Day, Silver Tears and the surprisingly upbeat Happiness but as he says its only 2 minutes long!

I strongly urge you to check this out. He will be back touring in the UK in the spring of 2014 and we will post further details as soon as they are available.

Dennis Ellsworth is in fine form these days as a songwriter, following up his 2012 Dusk Dreams album with another full release already. It's his fifth solo disc, along with his work with Haunted Hearts, and he's reaching new levels each time. This time out, he's produced by Skydigger Josh Finlayson, someone who knows what good songwriting is all about, and how to turn that into a tight, well-presented package. For the this album, the pair concentrate on the core of each number, the fine vocal delivery by Ellsworth, the impact of the words, and the soft, sweet melodies.

December 2013

Dennis Ellsworth - Hazy Sunshine

Dennis Ellsworth

CD (Cat No: 506899)

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Dennis Ellsworth - Hazy Sunshine